When To Face Car Seat Forward?

Keep your child in the rear facing mode as long as possible and this is mainly for your child’s protection. At least until they are 2 years old they have to remain in rear facing seat. The National Highway Safety Administration recommends following the highest weight and height limits allowed by your car seat’s manufacturer. You may be wondering how a 2 year old kid fits rear facing. However, the state law takes time to follow the new recommendations of retaining your child in rear facing as long as possible. But most of the safety organizations and also the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend this new principle. Have a look at Easy Moms Guide that explains about the safety standards and rules devised against child safety.

Children of two years old are less likely to be killed or seriously injured in the event of an accident if they travel in rear facing car seat. If you put your child that is under two years of age in forward facing position the chances of getting neck, head and spinal injuries are higher in the event of a crash. Also, babies under the age of two are also not strongly built to withstand the severe crash forces in absence of any extra protection like side impact protection that the car seat provides.

When your child outgrows the limits of an infant car seat, it is time for you to use a convertible car seat which can be used in a rear facing position till up to the age of 2 and turn to forward facing position once the child crosses the current limits of rear facing position. You can also shift your child to forward facing position when your child reaches the convertible seat’s weight and height limits. There are many videos found online that demonstrates how to put your seat in rear facing position and secure him to the seat.