The strategy and solution

to development of rabbit production in Vietnam


Nguyen Ngoc Nam


Hanoi, Vietnam



In Vietnam, rabbit breeding is able to be developed in all of 7 areas of agricultural and rural economics.


The strategy consists of 3 stages


* The stage I: 18 months

-     Investigate market and demand

-     Train technical human resources

-     Raise awareness among people of benefits of rabbit meat, so that rabbit meat will be used in daily meals, parties, banquets, etc.

-     Build 2 rabbit breading farms (500 1000 does and bucks per farm)


* The stage II: 24 months

-     Select regions for breeding rabbits; Have households register to breed rabbits.

-     Deliver technical training to farmers; grow vegetables; make rabbit cages; etc.

-     Make a plan to deliver rabbits to households.

-     Make a plane to produce rabbits and collect products.

-     Build a station to collect and process products.


* The stage III: 24 months

-     Review stage I and II

-     Increase the number of rabbit raising households; enlarge the size of medium and small farms; produce rabbits with circled technological process in order to ensure steadiness in both quantity and quality as well as ensure food safety and hygiene for export.



Vietnamese Technical and Scientific Association for Breeding Rabbits wishes to associate and/or cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations/individuals to carry out the strategy for development of rabbits in Vietnam