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International Workshop
Organic rabbit farming based on forages

25-27 November 2008, Cantho University, Cantho City, Vietnam



Organic Rabbit Farming: A chance for the poor producers in villages
under the increasing price of traditional concentrate feed




Rabbit production has been well developed in Mekong delta, Vietnam during the bird flu due to the lack of meat for human demand. With the advantages of fast and prolific reproduction and herbivore feeding habit under increasing prices of traditional concentrate feeds, the rabbit has become important of organic meat production for the poor producers in the tropical developing countries. However, some constrains of the production such as lacks of information of raising technology, feed utilization, diseases, marketing and consumption for the producers as well as researchers. Therefore a regional Workshop of organic rabbit farming is necessary to share experiences of research and development among researchers, producers and consumers to make them available for enhancing the production      




Goals of the International Rabbit workshop are: