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International Workshop
Organic rabbit farming based on forages

25-27 November 2008, Cantho University,
Cantho City, Vietnam


Edited by:
Reg Preston (
Nguyen Van Thu (


Organized and Sponsored by
Can Tho University and MEKARN Programme

25-27 November 2008, Cantho University, Cantho City, Vietnam


(Links are to the papers that have been formatted in HTML. Final editing is in progress. Please consider the present versions as indicative of content but that editing changes have still to be made in many cases.


The role of organic rabbit farming for poverty alleviation

S. Lukefahr, Secretary for Developing Countries, World Rabbit Science Association, USA


Digestion in the rabbit ľa new look at the effects of their feeding and digestive strategies

R. A. Leng, Emeritus Professor, Australia


Rabbit production development, new strategies to avoid the conflict between use of natural resources for food and feed.

A. Finzi, Rabbit Senior Researcher, Italia


Future trends of animal production adapted to the World food, feed and fuel crises

T. R. Preston, MEKARN Scientific Adviser, Colombia


Situation of smallholder rabbit raising systems in the uplands of Thailand

Choke Mikled, Supharoek Nakkitset, Wichit Sonloi and Kanitta Tikam, Changmai Univ., ThaiLand


Development of Rabbit Production in Indonesia under the bird flu situation

Y.C.  Raharjo,  WRSA member, Indonesia


Research and development projects of Rabbits in Vietnam

Dinh Van Binh, Research Center for Goat and Rabbit, Hanoi, Vietnam

  Rabbit feed nutrition study for intensive, large-scale meat rabbit breeding

Guan Xiangmei, Qingdao Kangda Food company Limited,Kangda Group, Qingdao,266400, China


Physiological characteristics and growth rate of crossbred rabbits raise in new urban areas of Binh Duong province

Truong Tue Vuong, Le Phi Anh and Trinh Huu Phuoc; Open University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Village rabbit production in some areas in West Java

Elizabeth Juarini, Res. Inst. Animal Production. Bogor, West Java, Indonesia


Utilization of vegetable wastes as rabbit feed in the Royal Project Foundation areas.

Supharoek Nakkitset, Raksina Timklay, Choke Mikled, Wichit Sonloi and Kanitta Tikam, Changmai University, Thailand


Reproductive and growth performances of New Zealand White and Hyplus goats raised in Ninh Binh province of Vietnam

Mai Thi Thom, Dinh Van Binh, Nguyen Thi Duong Huyen, Nguyen Xuan Trach , Ha Noi University of Agriculture, Vietnam


Effect of different levels of cabbage waste (Brassica olerea) replacement in para grass (Brachiaria mutica) basal diet on growth performance and nutrient digestibility of crossbred rabbits in Mekong delta of Viet Nam

Nguyen Thi Kim Dong and Nguyen Thanh Van, Cantho University, Cantho City, Vietnam


Digestibility and growth in rabbits fed a basal diet of sweet potato vines replaced with cassava foliage meal

Nguyen Kien Cuong, Duong Nguyen Khang and T R Preston, Nong Lam University, Vietnam

Research on some Biocharacteristics and Preservation Technology of Rabbit Semen

Do Van Thu and Nguyen Ba Mui, Ha Noi University of Agriculture, Vietnam


Consumer acceptability to grilled skewed rabbit meat

Kusmayadi  Suradi, Univ. Pajajaran. Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


The abilities of reproduction and resistance to some common diseases of New Zealand rabbits raised in Thai Nguyen province

Nguyen Quang Tuyen, University of Agric & Forestry of Thai Nguyen, Thai Nguyen,Vietnam 


New Technology and techniques for raising meat rabbit in summer

Yingkai Yan, Kangda Group, China


Measures for raising survival rate of kits in rabbit production

Liu Jun and Chunhai Wang, Kangda Group, China


Resources of Rabbit in Guangxi province, China

Zhiqiang and Huang Minrui, Guangxi Institute of Animal Sciences, China

  Study and design the rabbit coop for small-scale farms in Central of Vietnam
Nguyen Quang Lich and Dinh Vuong Hung, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry

Azolla (Azolla pinnata) as a protein source for rabbit: A case study in Central Java

Dwi Retno Lukiwati,  Univ. Diponegoro. Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia


Effect of foliage of Mucuna pruriens as replacement for Para grass (Brachiaria mutica) on growth rate, digestibility and N retention in growing crossbred rabbits

Nguyen Van Thu and Lam Phuoc Thanh, Cantho University, Vietnam
  A study of nutritive values of forages as rabbit feed resources by using in vitro digestibility and gas production techniques

Nguyen Van Thu and Danh Mo, Cantho University, Vietnam

  Effect of melatonin implantation on immunity organ the development of sex gland and growth performance of the Rex rabbit
Fu Xiangwei,Qin Yinghe and Qi Sheng, College of Animal Science and Technology of China Agricultural University, Beijing 100094

Effect of family management on the development of household rabbit farming in Lembang areas

Husmy Yurmiati, Univ. Pajajaran. Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.


Performance, production and economic aspects of village rabbit  farming in the District of Magelang, Central Java

Brahmantyo -  Indonesia Res. Inst. Animal Production, Indonesia


A study of associated fresh forages for feeding growing crossbred rabbits the Mekong delta of Vietnam

Nguyen Van Thu and Nguyen Thi Kim Dong, Cantho Univ., Vietnam


Effect of different levels of Neutral detergent fiber (NDF) in diets on nutrient digestion and growth rate of crossbred rabbits fed paragrass and water spinach

 Nguyen Thi Kim Dong and Nguyen Thanh Giang, Cantho Univ., Vietnam


Evaluation of local fodders for rabbits in Central Vietnam

Le Thi Lan Phuong, HUAF Hue, Vietnam


Effects of feeding vegetable wastes from the local markets on rabbits performance based on a basal diet of fresh water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) in the Mekong delta of Vietnam

Bui Phan Thanh Hang, An Giang Univ., Vietnam


 Organization for the rabbit development in rural households in Ninh Binh province

Nguyen Ky Son* and Dinh Van Binh*** Ninh Binh Rabbit station; ** Goat and Rabbit research., center- NIAH , Hanoi, Vietnam


 Utilisation of kudzu leaves (Pueraria phaseoloides) as a protein source for growing rabbits"

Nguyen Van Hiep and Ngo Van Man, Nong Lam University, Vietnam


Utilization of cabbage by-products from market for growing crossbred rabbits

Le Thuy Binh Phuong and Duong Nguyen Khang



The strategy and solution to development of rabbit production in Vietnam

Nguyen Ngoc Nam, Hanoi, Vietnam