How To Make Your Room My Chemical Romance Themed: 13 Steps

Loveplugs guides you through the steps on how to make your room a chemical romance themed.

Listen to their music

It is important that you feel connected to their music. Understand what the meaning is behind their songs.

Not just the popular numbers

Dig deeper than their popular numbers. If you can, listen to as many of the numbers as possible and not just stick to the popular ones.

Get posters

Buy their posters. It is best if you can buy individual posters of each of the band members.

Do not change yourself

It is important that you do not change yourself to show that you are a true fan. Do not harm yourself or pretend to be like someone else.

Paint your walls

Paint the walls of your room look red, black or grey and use the tapes to make the stripes. This is dependent on what color you have painted your wall and which color you like.

Get the CDs

If you still do does not have the CDs then buy them immediately.

Action figures

Invest in the MCR action figures. You could put them on your nightstand or on your dresser.

Bed covers

Get the matching bed covers. You could opt for black, grey or red.

A throw rug

A throw rug adds to the look. You can put one down in the color of your choice to match the aesthetics of your room.


Make sure that your room is dark. However, it should also not be so dark that you topple and fall.


Do not use glue that could stick on the wall and peel off the paint. Use the tape that does not stick to the paint.


Set a separate space where you can sit and listen to their music.

Your room is ready

Your chemical romance-themed room is ready and you can move in.