House Cleaning Checklist: Tips to Clean your Home Efficiently

A clean and well-maintained home provides positive vibration.   In most cultures, it is believed that a clean home contributes to healthy living and growth of prosperity.

These days there is no work-life balance.  Yet a home can be easily maintained in a superb condition by following the below simple tips:

Make kitchen table cleaning and dusting furniture etc. as a daily routine so that dirt does not get accumulated.

Get the help of family members.  Splitting and sharing the work will make the job easier.  This, in turn, will make the love bondage deep when everyone cares for the other.

Check for problems like tap leakages, door repair etc. Take a survey of the home and note the points which need care.   This helps in Planning and prioritizing the work easily. Use ‘Drain cleaning Toronto’ to avoid smelly drains and pests.

Make a chart of routine checks.  This will help you to avoid missing anything.  You can plan work in such a way that too much work does not get accumulated.  Make a timetable listing things to be done like laundry, taking the pet to vet etc.

Don’t buy or keep too much of home décor products.  This will invite more dust, cobwebs, and mosquitoes.

Make others at home to follow simple rules like keeping the toys arranged in a box, using handwash without spilling etc.

Always buy good quality cleaning products, mops, dusters.  Store sufficient stock of the cleaning liquids, soaps etc.

Learn easy cleaning hacks from internet and friends.  For example for cleaning narrow nook, curvy spaces manual cleaning with duster is easy than using a vacuum cleaner.  Experience is the best guide for cleaning.

Proper window screens can prevent dust.

Select your interior and furniture designs in such a way that dust formation is minimized.  The design must be easy to clean.