Home improvements Ideas for the Elderly

Construction and Real Estate business have always ruled the world, irrespective of any borders and boundaries. Each day a new record has been set, with innovative ideas and decorative designs. New Engineers created this urge and thirst amongst budding generation a need to create not just a home but, an aesthetically appealing one, which could accommodate not only the weirdly but beautifully designed interiors with a  mélange of technology.

The field is going through major experimentation, and no stone has been left unturned. Amongst those are these builders of granny flats, who focus and market on creating a safe home for the Elderly. The onset of a generation who prefer to leave their parents at Elderly home care centers had a created a need for designing a safe place for them to stay happy and healthy ever after.

Although for those who identify themselves with old age and love to have the cracking voice echoing at home after a hectic day or with a hot coffee is always welcome. Wherever our loved one stays, it is of paramount importance that we keep them safe and secured, and home improvements should be taken seriously. Here are few to start with:

General Safety Measures:

  1. Always provide and keep a proper walking stick next to the Elderly.
  2. Create an emergency medical kit always ready.
  3. Buy them exact fit shoes, with no heels to walk around.
  4. Don’t use any uneven floor mats, shiny and slippery floor.
  5. Make sure all the electrical wirings are properly tucked in to avoid any kind of fall.
  6. Avoid use of steps or ladders.

Washroom Safety Measures:

  1. Always keep the lights on during the night.
  2. Use a skid-proof tub and nonslippery titles for the washroom to avoid any kind of fall.
  3. Door locks to be installed with two-way technology.
  4. Avoid movable shower or bath stall, instead, go for a fixed one.

Cooking Area Safety Measures:

  1. Always remember to mark the food with bright colors.
  2. Avoid usage of heavier utensils.
  3. Keep away all the sharp and hazardous objects separately.
  4. Always store freshly cooked food and check the products expiration dates.

Well, the list might go on, like keeping check on the drugs and their experiation dates. Make sure you always have a doctor who could drop in anytime to check on minor incidents if any take place, etc.,