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Contents of research papers

Completed research:


Duckweed as a supplement to broken rice  for local and exotic chickens; Nguyen The Thao

The effect of supplementing different green feeds (water spinach, sweet potato leaves and duckweed) to broken rice based diets on performance, meat and egg yolk colour of  Luong Phuong chickens; Nguyen Thi Thuy and Brian Ogle

Effect of supplementation of l-lysine and dl- methionine on the utilization of diets containing ensiled cassava leaves as protein source for pigs in central Vietnam; Nguyen Thi Hoa Ly

Supplementation of Kapok tree foliage and Ivomectin injection on growth rate and parasite eggs in faeces of grazing goats in farmer households; Theng Kouch, T R Preston and Hun Hieak

Research in progress:



Water spinach as the basal diet of growing rabbits; Vo Thi Tuyet Nga





Water spinach or stylosanthes as protein supplements in a diet of ensiled cassava roots for local pigs;: Keo

Production of black soldier larvae on feed and excreta waste from pigs and their utilization by scavenging chickens; Khounkham
Study on growing termites on lignocellulose residues from sugar cane and forage trees and their utilization by scavenging chickens; Somchanh Khamphavong
Testing a pilot scheme for fattening cattle with rice straw, cassava foliage and an oil drench; Phetsamey Vyrapheth 

Effect of water spinach and fresh cassava leaves on intake, digestibility and N retention of growing pigs; Chhay Ty

The effects of water spinach on growing crossbred pigs; Prak Kea, T R Preston, Chhum Phith Loan and Kong Rada