Top 13 Real Estate Photography Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

Taking real estate photography is quite different from another style of photography. In this industry, the picture speaks volume. Many people’s decision to view the property of sale is depended on the photographs they view on various sites and publications. Hence one should never take real estate photography lightly. People do have different passion, for some it would be music while some others it would be photography. If its music you can check out soundcloud follower kaufen to get ideas about it.

Below mentioned are a few common mistakes one makes while taking real estate photography.

Not using a tripod- You should ensure that you pack along your tripod when you go for the photos shoot, especially if you wish to have some HDR techniques.

Not taking light stands- It would be quite a nightmare for you if you forget to carry the light stands as you cannot do justice if the light is not placed in the right angle.

Not using wide angle lens- For the purpose of real estate photography, you need to ensure to use wide angle lens.

Taking only one portable light- You should have enough light around to show the specific features and enlighten particular parts of the house.

Not having a contract- Never forget to sign up a contract mentioning the job details and the requirements with the client.

Not getting insurance – If you have not got proper insurance, then you would be paranoid touching anything as if something breaks or get damaged you have to pay it from your pocket. Other mistakes a beginner should avoid are:

  • You need to be flexible
  • Not using preset editing
  • Not using any advanced editing techniques which will enhance the picture quality
  • Not considering the photo editing service
  • Not meeting the deadline
  • Not using landscape orientation
  • Not emphasizing the best feature